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When to see your ophthalmologist?

Why take my child to the ophthalmologist?

You have no obligation to take your child to an ophthalmologist. Be aware, however, that children do not see their vision problems themselves, which they consider normal. It is up to you, parents, to watch for visual disturbances from an early age. The sooner, the better, because the first consultation is the most important for the child.

The first visit can be made from their 12 months, especially if you have glasses wearers in the family! Consulting an ophthalmologist can detect problems while your child is still young:

to correct them (amblyopia, strabismus)
or slow down or even stop their progression (hyperopia, astigmatism …)

From 5 to 10 years old, the child’s visual acuity evolves but has not yet reached maturity (lateral vision is still limited). Because of this development, the disorders can appear at this time. This is why taking your child to the ophthalmologist regularly during their childhood is important.

How often to take your child to the ophthalmologist?

The frequency will depend on several factors, including the results of the first appointment, your family history, and whether you personally find it useful to take it.

Do not hesitate to monitor your child, and ask your pediatrician for advice, in order to guarantee good visual health to your child.

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