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Our beautiful materials

100% natural materials

Acuitis design by Frédéric Beausoleil

To create unique and stylish collections, Frédéric Beausoleil selects the finest materials. Natural and biocompatible, they are delicately worked in order to bring out their radiance. Delicate and meticulous crafting of the material results in exclusive collections.

Mother of Pearl

An eco-responsible material, derived from the marine world and unprecedented in eyewear: Mother of Pearl from seashells. This innovation offers a unique collection, with feminine shapes and iridescent reflections.

Cotton flower

Also called artificial silk, cellulose acetate is a natural, living material, composed of 80% cotton flower. To create different colours, acetate sheets are coloured and welded together. They are then cut into frame fronts to be milled, filed down, polished and assembled by hand onto the temples. A pair of Acuitis glasses requires 60 successive crafting and industrial operations.


Our iconic collection of Bamboo eyewear is a clever combination between the front in cotton flower and the temples in genuine bamboo. The bamboo part used to create this collection is the main stem, called cane. Because it is rigid and partitioned with knots, each frame is completely unique. The cellulose acetate front is sculpted, polished and assembled by hand and then be combined with bamboo wood branches.


Horn offers a magnificent palette of rich, natural and truly unique colours. Noble and raw at the same time, it is meticulously crafted to bring out its radiance. An almost living material, it is necessary to care for it once a year, a service that Acuitis stores offer their lucky wearers.


The Carbon Collection is a marvel of technological innovation. The frames are cut from pure carbon fibre. Ultra lightweight and durable, they magnify the woven structure characteristic of carbon fibre. This exceptional material brings comfort through its flexibility and lightness.

Exotic wood

The richness of this collection comes from the diversity of wood species used, which are all biocompatible. These frames are made using the eco-friendly glulam technique that brings new innovation by adding carbon sheet to its structure. This helps to strengthen and lighten the glasses. These frames are made of various woods according to the colours of the veneer such as Beech, Ebony, Walnut, Rosewood, Wenge, Tay Wood, Tanganyika Wood.
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