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Protect the eyes from sun

Sun: watch your eyes!

The sun promotes well-being, gives good looks and naturally generates vitamin D. However, it remains dangerous for health, especially for children’s eyes if we leave them unprotected. In the sun, you apply sunscreen on your child’s fragile skin, right? Well, the eyes are also threatened by the harmful rays of the sun, so you have to protect your children’s eyes.

Children’s eyes are more sensitive

The pupil of children is wider and the tissues less rich in pigments. The lens does not play its role of filter before 10-12 years. Thus, it lets UV pass through to the retina, which can cause irreversible damage to the eye. Even if your child’s gaze is not in the direction of the sun, the reflection of rays on sand, snow, mirrors and other walls can be dangerous. Some vision problems can be caused by unprotected sun exposure when we were little. In fact, AMD (black spot in the center of vision), cataracts, solar conjunctivitis are examples of pathologies that can be linked to UV rays. So remember to protect your child’s eyes from an early age.

Children’s sunglasses: the ultimate weapon!

There are 5 categories of UV protection, from 0 to 4. Category 4 sunglasses are the most protective. Category 0 to 2 glasses do not protect your children’s eyes enough for sunny days. Sunglasses are generally offered with a category 3 index, i.e. optimal protection for sunny days! All children’s sunglasses at Acuitis are sold with a category 3 protection index. Category 4 sunglasses are ideal for extreme sunshine: snowy mountains, skiing, etc.

For the little ones, at least choose a category 3. Children’s sunglasses must be well wrapped for maximum protection.

Based on these observations, Little Acuitis has created a range of sports and urban sunglasses to protect the eyes of your little ones in all circumstances.

You can’t imagine forgetting the full screen for your child’s skin, so consider sunglasses for your child’s eyes as well.

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