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My child doesn’t want to wear glasses

What to do if your child does not want to wear his glasses?

A child who receives glasses for the first time may not want to wear them for various reasons. It is good to seek them out and discuss them with him to understand what can be embarrassing or unpleasant.

Children make fun of him at school

Many children wear glasses at school. Today, the choice of children’s frames is varied and trendy. Start by letting him choose his favorite frame from the advice of your optician specializing in children. He will be able to see his glasses as an accessory and avoid the mockery of his little comrades. Communicate with your child to let them know that their glasses are useful to them and that they should not feel uncomfortable wearing them. You can also find stories with heroes with glasses: he is not alone in wearing them!

Glasses bother him and are uncomfortable

If your child’s frame is not perfectly adjusted, it will be very uncomfortable: it slides on the nose, it hurts behind the ears… For this, consult an expert and trained optician for the adjustment of children’s glasses, and do not Don’t hesitate to go directly to the store if you have any doubts about this.

Your child forgets to wear glasses

Sometimes your child only needs to wear their glasses at school to see the board, but not in the playground. Sometimes he can forget to wear them or he prefers to do without them. Explain to him the interest of wearing his glasses: he will be fitter because less tired, he will not have sore eyes at the end of the day, and he will see the world around him much better! Also compliment him so that he has confidence in him with his glasses.

Remember that wearing glasses is by no means inevitable and that it is important to put things in perspective. Patience is the watchword, if your child does not like to wear his glasses, good communication will make him understand and change his mind. You can also talk about it with your optician who will give you advice to help your child wear his glasses.

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