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Acuitis, specialist in children’s glasses

Who is Little Acuitis?

Children demand very special attention. We have created a pole of opticians who are experts in children’s optics in our Houses to best meet the expectations of families.

Their morphology and the development of their sight are in perpetual evolution. We have therefore developed collections with technical and artistic characteristics that respect the requirements used in ophthalmology.

A children’s area is dedicated in all of our Acuitis Houses. To better meet their needs, our opticians receive special training to find the perfect frame for your children.


Our opticians, experts in children's glasses

As the care of a child is very specific, all our Houses are equipped with opticians who are experts in child optics. They will guide you in choosing the most suitable equipment. Before becoming experts in children’s optics, our opticians received training at our certified training school.

The training modules include the following :

  • Evolution of the child’s vision.
  • The choice of a frame according to the morphologies.
  • Glasses & ancillary therapeutic tools.
  • Tailor-made adjustment.
  • The importance of sun protection.
  • Ophthalmologists, orthoptists, opticians: synergy of skills in the service of the child.

In each House, an expert optician will be able to welcome, inform, reassure and advise families throughout the course of choosing the most suitable equipment.

  • Exchange on lifestyle, activities and tastes of children.
  • Information on the medical prescription for the choice of equipment.
  • Choice of the most suitable frame.
  • Precise centering of the lenses in the frame.
  • “Tailor-made” fitting adapted to the child’s ears.
  • Monitoring over time for better hold and comfort.
  • Supply and installation of additional therapeutic tools at the request of the ophthalmologist or orthoptist.


When I work on children’s collections, before any artistic approach, there is a technical approach that I develop with my expert collaborators. Then, I create, from these specifications, a universe that is both joyful, modern, respectful of the needs and desires of each age group. 
Frédéric Beausoleil, eyewear artist

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