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How to empower your child?

How to empower your child to wear glasses?

VYour child has received his glasses, it is time to teach him to wear them as often as possible and to take care of them!

And first of all, make him understand that glasses are a fragile object. Children’s glasses are suitable and often have flexible hinges and temples, this is not a reason to drop them on the ground, at the risk of scratching the glasses, or storing them anywhere. Your child should have their protective case with them when they are no longer wearing their glasses. He must put them away properly, and clean them from time to time with his chamois. If the glasses are broken or scratched, he must tell you as soon as possible in order to find a solution with your optician.

He must wear his glasses regularly. Depending on the advice of your ophthalmologist, he should wear them from morning to night, or only at school or for certain activities. Your child may refuse to wear his glasses. You have to be patient and communicative in order to accompany him in the port of his mount.

To gradually get him used to wearing his glasses, start by making him wear during moments spent together: during board games, to watch his cartoon, during coloring … If he can associate the glasses with positive situations , he will be able to wear them alone and take responsibility for taking care of his eyesight!

Value your child and put him in confidence when he uses his glasses, he will be more comfortable and this will help improve his well-being. Accumulate small habits such as teaching him to take care of his glasses, to put them properly in their case when he is not using them and in the evening before going to sleep, to wipe them when they are less clean with a cloth adapted.
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