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How to choose glasses for my child?

1 in 7 children have vision problems

If your child has poor vision and his vision is not corrected, he may have academic difficulties. Indeed, he has difficulty learning to read, he can be dyslexic, he has trouble staying focused in class. Know that 90% of your child’s learning is associated with his sight! It is therefore important to monitor your child’s vision from an early age.

What glasses for my child?

After going to see an ophthalmologist, you have a prescription with your child’s correction. But how do you choose the right frame for your girl or boy?

The ideal shape of the frame varies according to the age of your child. On the other hand, remember to favor frames in cellulose acetate because this material is light and hypoallergenic to guarantee comfort and safety.

From 0 to 5 years: baby glasses must respect their morphology and especially the fragility of their ears. The circles are high and the bridge (width of the frame at the top of the nose) is low in order to optimize the visual field. Frames with flexible rubber hinges are ideal because they are resistant to twists and other movements that your baby may experience. For older children, the rubber hinges are not essential but it is important that they are flexible.

From 6 to 10 years old: The technical forms must remain close to those of toddlers: high circles and low bridge. Still small but attentive to their appearance, 6-10 year olds assert themselves and want to be considered as “grown ups”. Often they want to do like Mom or Dad. In this sense, think of children’s glasses inspired by adult models. Cellulose acetate frames to avoid allergies and flexible hinges to ensure safety in case of awkwardness.

From 10 to 13 years old: These often very connected tweens need trendy frames in order to “feel good in their glasses”. Besides the technical aspect, the forms must be affirmed and in the era of time.

What frame color for a child?

As you can see, the shape of your child’s glasses will depend on their age. However, in terms of color, everything is allowed! Sober black, navy blue, assumed red, tortoiseshell like the big ones … The main thing is that the color pleases your child so that he wants to wear them!

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