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Contact lenses for children

Can a child wear contact lenses?

For people over 12, lenses can also be useful for aesthetic and practical reasons. Indeed, children can be reluctant to wear glasses. As much embarrassed by the look of their comrades as during their sporting activities (swimming, athletics, boxing …), the lenses can make life easier for your little ones. Contact lenses are therefore a good alternative to glasses for your children.

For children under 12, wearing lenses may be more effective than wearing glasses in cases of very severe vision problems.

In all cases, the wearing of lenses is subject to authorization by the ophthalmologist. The optician will in no case advise the wearing of lenses without this authorization.

What type of lenses?

There are two kinds of contact lenses: soft lenses and hard lenses. The flexible ones can be daily, bi-monthly or monthly. The rigid ones are to be renewed every year or every two years. In order to find out what is best for your child, do not hesitate to ask your ophthalmologist for advice. Your optician will give you tips to facilitate the fitting of the lenses.
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